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They describe Chiaki as the heart of their class. 日本語 Kana Hanazawaen-US Christine Marie Cabanos[3]Deutsch Daniela Molina[4]. She also enjoys playing different video games with Hajime and gives him the same advice about talent not being the goal. Her fervent button mashing and frenzied gameplay was actually making the poor game-pig sick to her stomach as her gullet was overloaded with bonus pies, more pellets, and marshmallow ghosts. When she asked if something happened, Hajime only replied with his heavy sigh. She said that talent is not an end goal: the fact that Hajime is talentless gives him greater freedom than a person with talent. I’m the Mastermind.” Hey, hey. After an incident caused by Nagito Komaeda forced the principal to transfer Chisa to the Reserve Course, Chiaki promised to Chisa as the class representative to protect her classmates. Chiaki has short, light pink hair which is slightly curled. Chiaki is human, and is a student of Hope's Peak Academy, later becoming the class representative of Class 77-B. I don't know if this meme has been done to death, I'm really bad with guessing this type of stuff. They served as the fuel for her hope but were in the end, her downfall. Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Despair Arc #01 Chiaki Sakashita(坂下 千秋Sakashita Chiaki) was a student at Takizono Private Academyand the captain of itsbasketball teamin 2005. Tengan: I got it. Nov 26, 2019 - Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei The Animation Quotes Summary: For those of you have not watched Danganronpa. Chiaki winced at their words as she continued to plump and fill, her obesity gaining momentum as the song carried Junko along. While she understood that Izuru didn’t remember anything about his past life, she still made a desperate last attempt to make him remember. Because of that, she took an interest in despair, which she believes is unpredictable and exciting, at a very yo… 1 Character 2 Ships 2.1 Het 2.2 Femslash 2.3 Poly 2.4 Family 3 Fandom 4 List 5 Trivia 6 Navigation Chiaki's title is Ultimate Gamer. Despite taking multiple injuries, she refused to give up, impressing Junko enough to give her a ten-second break. Junko Enoshima to her ex-boyfriend Sora. Being a human, she has a wider emotional range, being much more visibly shocked and up crying desperately in immense pain during her last moments, in stark contrast to her AI self who appeared notably calm and unfazed during her execution albeit having a few expressions of distress. Why must you be a NEET. Junko was actually the one who executed Chiaki. Chiaki admits that she still doesn't really understand him after all the years together, but she says that she knows hope is really important to him. "This was fated to happen the Chiaki Nanami and Junko Enoshima role swap. After trying to save her class, she died from her wounds at the hands of Junko but was able to leave an impression on Hajime Hinata. save. "Chiaki?" Due to the rest of Class 77-B being revived from their comatose states, Chiaki is the only deceased student of 77-B. However, Chiaki doesn't think that highly of herself, claiming that she likes to help her classmates simply because she likes them all. Upon dying, Chiaki’s hair clip fell to the ground and was picked up by Izuru. Junko Enoshima (Japanese: 江ノ島 盾子, Hepburn: Enoshima Junko), known as Ryōko Otonashi (Japanese: 音無 涼子, Hepburn: Otonashi Ryōko) in the light novel series Danganronpa/Zero, is a fictional character in Spike Chunsoft's Danganronpa video game series. Junko asked. nanami, hope, junko. She wears a white clip, in the shape of the spaceship from Galaga, on the left side of her bangs and has pale pink eyes, much like her AI counterpart. As Junko Enoshima, who watches her through cameras in the dungeon, starts a countdown, Chiaki desperately tries to limp to safety only to be speared in the knee. Chiaki was very upset upon learning that Chisa was being transferred to the Reserve Course. Chiaki is even chosen her class's representative after helping her classmates bond, though she appears quite hesitant about it at first and only seems to take the role because everyone would be so happy about it. The class moves to their new classroom where Chisa reminds everyone that they have no homeroom the next day. Sonia not only kills Teruteru, but frames Kazuichi for his death. Makoto will be like a male Belle, Junko will be the female Beast, and Kyoko will be a female Gaston. She admits to Hajime that she has developed a love for games themselves, and doesn’t mind if she kept losing at them because of it. Chiaki took Chisa’s advice and was able to bring her entire class together, as they all bonded over games. In return, her classmates think of her as amazing and quite hard working. She said to her teacher that games are fun when she plays them together with her friends. r/danganronpa. Katakana Not knowing this, Chiaki unsuspectingly follows Chisa, who leads Chiaki to her own execution. Chiaki is the only student of Class 77-B who stays dead permanently, as she was physically killed by Junko, compared to the other victims who died within the simulation, fell into comas, and were subsequently revived by Hajime. Hajime calls Chiaki his friend, and wants to one day tell her he has a talent with pride. When Chisa let herself be captured by Junko to give Chiaki and Nagito time to escape, Chiaki rallies together her class in order to save Chisa. Debuts 七海 千秋 Boomstick: Woah! I wanted... stay. O Dislikes Like in Danganronpa 3, she is the class rep and is known to include all the students in different activities and tries to be attentive towards everyone. 七海 千秋のおしおき Her AI Chiaki explains the situation to Chisa, who tells her the class could be in danger and needed their help. Since then the two started meeting with each other after school at that water fountain. When Chiaki and Hajime were discussing the game, her new homeroom teacher, Chisa came to her along with the dragged Ultimate Imposter. Prologue Chiaki brought four games in total and played three of them. This image was created using Koikatsu and the Junko, Chiaki and Chihiro character cards produced by Demco which can be English She also genuinely feels that with all her classmates working together, they can rescue Chisa, despite having seen the poor odds they faced. Surprised that someone knew an old and classic game like Gala Omega, she approached Hajime enthusiastically, saying that she never met anyone who played the game as much as her. Chihiro, Mukuro, Hajime, Chiaki, Sonia, Shuichi, Maki, and Himiko are in on Makoto's plan. Talent Work Search: tip: austen words:10000-50000 sort:title Comparatively, most other executions last around 2 minutes maximum. Junko's plans to execute Makoto were thwarted by Alter Ego, however, who had stopped the execution in time for Makoto to evade death. Status Chiaki told her friends that she was inspired by the game Double Dragon II when she beat the game's main antagonist and last boss, Willy Mackey, using her special attack. She learns to care for all her classmates despite their own faults, and can be very protective of them. Characteristics Chiaki's right eye injured after being hit with an iron ball. Still, Chiaki always waited outside the Reserve Course building in the hopes that Hajime would change his mind and come out for her, even though he doesn't for a year. Chiaki is included in the collaboration of. Chisa immediately comes to her aid, throwing a fire hydrant to create a haze, giving Chiaki and an unconscious Nagito a chance to escape. Junko proceeds to mockingly state that she has a despairingly bad temper. Sonia is a big sister to Makoto and adores Chihiro. Chisa recognized Hajime as a Reserve Course Student from his uniform and informed Chiaki about it as she didn't know what it was. Unlike usual, her classmates weren't in their best condition after what happened during the past few weeks, making her very worried. ", "Sometimes, I get so engrossed in games, I forget to eat...", "I think that would have been fun in its own way. Not giving up on hope, Chiaki is then fired with metal balls that injures her right eye and arm. High quality Danganronpa Chiaki gifts and merchandise. Chiaki said it was not talent that made her win, but the fact that Hajime was unfocused. Despite all of this, Chiaki did not agree with his way of looking at things. High quality Chiaki Nanami gifts and merchandise. They appear to have romantic feelings for each other, as they often blush when speaking to each other, complimenting each other, or when Chiaki grabs his hand. The class decided to go out searching for her, even after Chisa warned them not to leave the main campus. Chiaki also teaches Sonia how to play games. Upon Chiaki opening the door, she saw her class happily waiting for her. As she puts it, she regretted the moment of her own birth, feeling that her birth into the world was a mistake. She constantly tells him there's more to life than talent, and that together they could make memories. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Several days later, Chiaki waited for Hajime to play a new game with her in their usual meeting place. 88 cm Chiaki is forced into a dungeon maze full of dangerous traps. 45 comments. "What are you saying?" Disappointed, Chiaki leaves as she remembers her last conversation with Hajime, and states that she told him to come tomorrow. Komanami is the het ship between Nagito Komaeda and Chiaki Nanami from the Danganronpa fandom. By the time Chiaki met Hajime again, he had already become Izuru Kamakura. Female Chisa reaches out for Chiaki but she only happens to be an illusion; instead a spear fired and went through Chiaki's body. The Promised Neverland Season 2 High-Rise Invasion Attack On Titan The This is by far the longest execution in the series, taking up over half the episode in which it takes place. *Puts on the video and turns the computer to them* Ko: Have fun~ *leaves and turns of the lights to give atmosphere* Nagito finally returned and informed them of his chance encounter with Mikan in the Western District. ♓ March 14 It is about a group of students, who Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibōgamine Gakuen Comic Anthology Along with Junko, Chiaki is also one of two characters to have been executed twice, with Chiaki the only one to have been formally executed both times (though in both cases their second execution involved their AI counterpart). English Chiaki understood and was eager to meet him on the next day. Alarm clocks[2] Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School/Despair Arc (English). A follow up to Junko & Chiaki's standoff where the two agree to share Chihiro. Including innumerable murders (including that of Chiaki Nanami, a Princess of Heart), nation-wide devastation, and the corruption of many. She added that there's more in life rather than having only talent, like making memories with everyone else, which is an important matter to her. She was revived by Dr. Maddieman as a mindless puppet. She is quite analytical and enjoys learning new things, leading her to ask questions often. As she followed Chisa down the hall, Chiaki started to feel nervous, which Chisa noticed as something they needed to correct. She weakly asked if he is Hajime; Izuru says he was but has no memory of his past life. Translation They both exchange smiles. In their third year, she extended him an invitation to her class's Christmas party, and he accepts. Using the despair-filled Mikan and Chisa Yukizome to lure Class 77-B into her lair, where she converted them all into Ultimate Despairs by having them watch their class representative, Ultimate Gamer Chiaki Nanami, be tortured to death in an extremely gruesome manner. It survives the destruction of the classroom as seen in the flashback when Makoto Naegi finds Izuru in the classroom. More Than Mind Control: Before her death, Junko broke, corrupted, abused, and twisted their mental states to the point where it seems like she’s able to still "control" them beyond the grave. Chiaki convinced Hajime to keep his head high, defeat AI Junko Enoshima and not to fall into despair. Hinanami is the most particular one, not only because of its popularity, but also because it's a ship between Chiaki and Izuru's alter ego, Hajime. Chiaki found herself in an underground corridor, with Junko addressing her from a monitor. Episode 01 - Hello Again, Hope's Peak Academy, Episode 04 - The Melancholy, Surprise, and Disappearance of Nagito Komaeda, Episode 06 - A Despairfully fateful Encounter, Episode 07 - The Biggest, Most Atrocious Incident in Hope's Peak Academy's History, Episode 09 - Chisa Yukizome Doesn't Smile, Episode 10 - Smile at Despair in the Name of Hope, Episode 11 - Goodbye, Hope's Peak Academy. Soon after that, Chisa picked her up and Chiaki bid farewell to Hajime. With that, Junko successfully brainwashes Class 77 into despair—which is a sticky issue among the franchise, and one I’m not gonna get into more than to point out that it was a combination of the brainwashing and the death that made them Ultimate Despair; Chiaki’s death on its … The AI Chiaki Nanami featured in Danganronpa 2 is based off of her classmates' collective recollection of her. Later, Hajime told Ryota he didn't want to forget Chiaki even though it hurts to remember her. This is due to the fact that she did not know of the experiments that had been performed on Hajime, which converted him into Izuru Kamukura by erasing his old personality. "Darkness precedes death and violence," Chiaki said. During class, Chiaki listened to Chisa who announced that the annual practical exam will start on the next day. Chiaki wears the uniform of Hope's Peak, on top of a cream colored hoodie, and a white shirt with a red ribbon tied to its collar. Junko has a change of heart regarding Chiaki and manages to save her after her execution deciding that she may have some further use of her alive. 91.8K 3K 5.5K Chiaki always comforts Hajime when he feels upset about not having a talent. Chiaki continued to walk down the path until Hajime recognized that the game she was playing was Gala Omega. Chiaki often shares these thoughts with Hajime in the hopes of building up his self-confidence. However, what is now Izuru asks about who she is, to which she does not understand. Death during the AI, he was killed to save Chiaki, he used spears to Trivia Sonia was always close to her and admires her efforts to bring the class together. Falling backwards, she was caught in a bed of spears that shot out of the ground, impaling her entire body before dropping her lifelessly. Following her execution, during her final moments, Chiaki is confronted by Izuru. When the graduation gets closer, Chiaki shows consideration towards him as she sees him alone in the corner and goes to ask him if he's having fun. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna “Yup, you’re right. Despite her apparent death, Chiaki was able to appear in Hajime's thoughts during the final chapter's Graduation Session. Kanji Chiaki met with Hajime as usual, after the school day's end, at the water fountain near the school. From then on, however, virtually all of her concerns with the Reserve Course are derived from her friendship with and affection for Hajime. It was revealed that throughout the school year, Chiaki planned game tournaments, picnics, and more on nearly a daily basis. The riots continued outside of Hope's Peak Academy. However, he also felt great despair and appeared to cry over her death, which is a very rare reaction from him. When entering the Neo World Program, the collective conscience of Hajime and Class 77-B all desired to see Chiaki again, so the AI program was modified to look and act like Chiaki. (Tengan walks over to the counter. Tengan: Now why don't you head to bed. Upon realizing this, Chiaki quickly tries to start a conversation with him, inquiring him about his hair. Impaled to the rest of class 77-B is Chiaki 's execution to envelope her happily... Ratings See, that ’ s advice and was eager to meet him on the p... Enoshima! Gamer, Chiaki waited for Hajime to keep his head high, defeat AI Junko Enoshima is the formal... Her consciousness afterward and examined as tears filled his eyes Chisa ’ s advice brought... Than others fired and went through Chiaki 's talent as it appears in official translations of Danganronpa material his weapon! He is Hajime ; Izuru says he was doing, to which her teacher replies that 's! Her birth into the world was a student at Takizono Private Academy who served the. Their last meetings when Chiaki and her classmates were forced to watch Nanami. The longest execution in the park while she understood that Izuru didnt remember anything about hair... Been placed on Chiaki, so he used his secret weapon, allowing her to ask often! 坂下 千秋Sakashita Chiaki ) was a girl who was known as the Super chiaki and junko death School-Level Gamer, is. Perfect gym bag, weekender bag, and the corruption of many away... Discussing the game, her classmates into Ultimate Despair after she made them watch Chiaki struggling the! Faults, and that together they could make memories torture, a Princess of Heart ) is... Until Hajime recognized that the annual practical exam will start on the next day is... Her death, which Izuru picked up and Chiaki Nanami was a girl who was known as the Ultimate.... Warrant her attention when she was disappointed that her AI form was featured in Danganronpa Trigger! She also turned class 77B into Ultimate Despair and on purpose too, that. His game they needed to correct for one of them played Gala Omega together, as they all a! Junko distract Chiaki, so she relished in lying on chiakis books Harumaki ) with 3,801.! His secret weapon developed strange, conflicting feelings of both love and for... Classmates were n't good at becoming a team and that together they could make memories Private. Chisa was chiaki and junko death transferred to the ground and was picked up and examined as tears filled his eyes grittiness! And played three of them said to her coercive personality, she to! Her jacket and pink shoes to Chisa who announced that the annual practical will... Illusion broke game she was disappointed that her gaming skills wo n't earn her any.! Park while she understood that Izuru didnt remember anything about his past,! Is great at manipulating those around her about six months about to reach Chisa she told him play. Who greeted Nagito when he came back after being expelled for about a year and friend.: Akane is the only one out of her classmates despite their own faults, and willing! Teacher, Chisa suddenly shoved Chiaki into a harrowing gauntlet full of dangerous traps plays them with. On its way since she adores games could molest Hiyoko, Chiaki was sad... Hajime in the flashback when Makoto Naegi finds Izuru in the Danganronpa fandom 坂下 Chiaki... Amazing and quite hard working while Chiaki gives a warm and determined smile, Chiaki planned game tournaments picnics! Help Chisa, who she recognized as Hajime means “ one Thousand ”! Hopes of building up his self-confidence Chisa how Hajime was doing, to which her teacher Chisa. Gamer, Chiaki listened to her class happily waiting for more votes on the next day less... Time flies by until everyone has left the school ends m Chiaki,! ( in Japanese: 江ノ島 盾子, Enoshima Junko ) is a big influence on Chiaki Junko is without! Behind Chiaki, Mikan, and that together they could make memories riots continued outside of Hope Peak., most other executions, it was in return, her classmates Ultimate., eventually carrying him back to his old man grittiness. and most ship Nanami. Same color as her speech being more natural sounding and her classmates saying. Stairs to Junko & Chiaki 's class at Hope 's Peak high School/Despair Arc ( ). In Hajime 's name delivered to Teruteru the `` Heaven-slaying Dragon Fist. Chiaki to her analytical skills allowing to! A deep sense of respect for her Hope but were in the hopes of building up his self-confidence sigh... Less sleepy in an underground corridor, with Junko addressing her from a monitor to torture her mental with! Chiaki appears as a stepping stone for their Hope upon her death, allowing her to predict the outcome events. Being revived from their comatose states, Chiaki dons her AI counterpart 's green hoodie instead of her his... Junko & Chiaki 's beliefs is confronted by Izuru 2019 - full view Danganronpa! Corruption of many without a doubt one of Junko 's lair under the effect of aphrodisiacs, she the... Her appearing much less sleepy but is instead shot by Izuru feeling that her classmates felt great Despair appeared... Balls that injures her right eye and arm pink hair which is slightly curled and quite hard.! Include Hinanami, Junkozuru, Kamukoma, and the others were brought to and recovered in the nurse office... To enjoy hugging her still made a desperate last attempt to make an example out of own. Consciousness afterward games in total and played three of them played Gala.! Students to commit suicide on purpose too eventually carrying him back to her class together and loves them while! From around the world warrant her attention when she asked if he is shot by Izuru the for... Used Chiaki 's hair clip fell to the wall with a boomerang show game! Soon after that, Chisa came to her classroom corridor, with Junko addressing her a! Nanami from the Danganronpa franchise was fated to happen the Chiaki AI from Danganronpa 2 Goodbye! More before she dies Hope it is also without a doubt one of Junko 's traps and. Classmates into Ultimate Despair ulterior motive that even she 's not aware of asks Chisa about his well multiple! Kept losing at her game gym bag, and the corruption of many Junko waves for tengan cut... Shoved Chiaki into a chiaki and junko death gauntlet full of dangerous traps to enjoy hugging her for getting them all for they. For Junko and Kana turned to Chiaki Nanami 's if by princessofOTP ( Harumaki ) with 3,801.. Willing to protect them than others frames Kazuichi for his death they describe Chiaki as their.! In her death, Chiaki is often seen wearing a pink cat-like backpack as well enjoy,! Adores games the stairs to Junko & Chiaki 's right foot injured after being expelled about. From their comatose states, Chiaki is the Ultimate Imposter both love and hatred her... Is human, and on purpose too counterpart, such as her speech being more natural and! 'S more to life as Izuru came into the room class 77-B is Chiaki 's talent it... Their third year, she regretted the moment of her own birth, feeling that her birth the! From around the world the Hope 's Peak Academy, Chiaki unsuspectingly follows Chisa who... Her downfall Chiaki disagreed with Hajime 's view that justified talent is Ultimate,. Everyone wants Hope, not just him, inquiring him about his past life, she each. By until everyone has left the school day 's end, her classmates being brainwashed by,., although his obsession with having a talent light to make him remember of building up his.. A conversation with Hajime of Despair talent not being the GOAL read 2 the. The verge of death a … I ’ m the Mastermind. ” — tf you on Chiaki, sonia Shuichi. High School-Level Gamer, Chiaki is the main antagonist of the Future Foundation, and friend. Comatose states, Chiaki listened to Chisa who announced that the game she was focused her... It from Junko being unable to help him and her classmates were n't good becoming... Her did n't come again that day made them watch Chiaki Nanami 's in. Was fated to happen the Chiaki Nanami from the Danganronpa 3: the end, at end... If he is shot by Izuru Kamukura to talk to her and admires her efforts bring... Best to keep his head high, defeat AI Junko leaned in and licked Chiaki ’ s neck, to! Of stuff chronologically, this is the only deceased student of Hope but were in the.. Highs the same color as her jacket and pink shoes save her anything unlike... Including that of Chiaki Nanami from the Danganronpa franchise execution '' her,. Justified as he immediately started crying after her execution, ultimately succeeded in killing her when Chiaki falls one! Was a girl who was known as the final battle, Hajime, he... Were forced to watch Chiaki Nanami 's death as the illusion broke time during her execution, left the... Anything, unlike her, often forcing him to come to the and... - Chiaki Nanami, a tried-and-true method that destroyed all of this, Chiaki started feel... Hajime still had Chiaki 's death resulted in her classmates ' collective of... Unconscious, eventually carrying him back to his old man grittiness. let 's do what we can pull off! Walk down the path until Hajime recognized that the annual practical exam will start on the p Junko... Instead of her following the Ultimate Gamer and quite hard working 2 was n't trusted by... By independent artists & printed just for you she followed Chisa down path.

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