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CF members or their dependants must occupy the principal residence immediately prior to the sale, in order to be entitled to reimbursement of expenses related to the sale. As military personnel, you are eligible for relocation benefits that may be taxable. United Nations Development Programme and World Bank representatives have visited the EIPA’s European CAF Resource Centre in order to learn about the CAF and more importantly understand its impact in terms of performance and overall efficiency in the public sector. When selling a residence, CF members must make every effort to port their mortgage when it is practical and reasonable to do so. The negotiated rates are to be used only by the Identified Users while on official Government business travel authorized by Federal, Provincial or Territorial Governments and paid or reimbursed from public funds in accordance with Government Travel Policy. A CF member who is entitled to receive relocation benefits under this Directive, and who, on or after 19 April 2018, is required to pay a mortgage default insurance premium in relation to the purchase of their new principal residence, is entitled to receive an amount equal to the assessed insurance premium and to be reimbursed for any administrative fees incurred in relation to the policy of insurance. Based on the circumstances, these amounts will be paid in full from one of the following benefits: Mortgage Default Insurance may also be referred to using different industry terms or expressions such as “mortgage loan insurance”, “CMHC insurance” and “CMHC fees”. • the new mortgage principal, the remaining term of the mortgage at the former place of duty, not exceeding 5 years. the amount of loan does not exceed the amount which is frozen. EIPA is launching a new series of publications of relevant CAF cases that can be linked with two flagship areas of the RRF ‘Modernise – the digitalisation of public administration and services including judicial and healthcare systems’ and ‘Reskill and upskill – The adaptation of education systems to support digital skills and educational and vocational training for all ages’. CF members who decide to sell their principal residence privately are entitled to reimbursement of actual and reasonable costs related to the sale. Eligible period All marketing incentives must be clearly identified on the original or amended Property Listing Agreement and the Offer to Purchase documents. The CAF Resource Centre (CAF RC) was created at the European Institute of Public Administration in Maastricht following the decision of the Directors General in charge of public service. Relocation directive - effective 19 April 2018 to date, Section 8.3 Purchase of replacement residence, 8.1.08 Attending Fees and Power of Attorney, 8.2.06 Mortgage early repayment penalties, 8.2.07 Temporary Dual Residence Assistance (TDRA), the date of the shipment of HG&E to the new place of duty. identified in the Building Agreement, and. Most financial institutions currently offer portable mortgages where the members can avoid or reduce any charges or penalty by arranging to transfer all or part of the mortgage to the replacement residence. CAF is a development bank created in 1970, owned by 19 countries - 17 of Latin America and the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal- as well as 13 private banks in the region. London. GET IN TOUCH +44 (0)20 7536 0777. [email protected] Disabled CF members or dependants requiring special modifications on the replacement residence to allow proper access/use are entitled to reimbursements directly related to the renovations for the disability. Training Centres Families will now have online access to their personal file 24h/day through a computer or an App. It is especially designed for public-sector organisations, taking into account their characteristics. Relocation Directive Questions I am trying to find the directive that essentially states closing fees are covered by BGRS/CF. 6211 HE Maastricht (TB amended 16 September 2014). The DND/CAF leadership is committed to a relocation program that is fair to the women and men who wear the uniform and their loved ones,” said Derek Amba, Military Strategic Communications. No external costs: CAF is free and is provided by the European CAF Resource Centre and the network of national CAF correspondents. Better services for citizens: CAF initiates and manages the advancement and change of public administrations in order to better serve the citizens. CAF2020 reinforces the focus on digitisation, agility, sustainability, innovation, collaboration (participation) and diversity. When the new mortgage is higher than the one discharged at the former place of duty, CF members are entitled to reimbursement of the interest differential, to a maximum of $5000, as described below: • the outstanding mortgage at the former place of duty; or Careers One professional appraisal not exceeding the pre-negotiated rates including 100% of fees for a co-owned or an income-producing property. EIPA’s CAF Resource Centre works in close cooperation with the network of CAF national correspondents. CAF's committed personnel and the cooperation with our business partners enable us to enhance customer satisfaction and create value for our shareholders. (TB amended , effective 1 September 2012). Follow-up termite and pyrite inspections, when recommended in writing by the building inspector. London. Between political strife, a pandemic and natural disasters, a person could be forgiven for thinking it was the end of days. CF members are entitled to receive 80% of the real estate commission, to a maximum of $12,000, based on the appraised value when they do not claim for the real estate commission. Payments for Home Equity Assistance may have income tax implications. to be a centre of expertise in CAF implementation promoting the CAF and good practice in its use in public administrations in Europe; to act as a complement to, and in coordination with, the existing national centres of expertise, and with a focus on countries without a national centre of expertise; to carry out research on the use of the model and further develop it; to support and stimulate the European network of national CAF contacts and the community of CAF users; to maintain the CAF database for registered users and good practices. It has also been implemented and used as a good practice for various countries outside the EU. Home COVID-19 Government Links; COVID-19 UPDATE; OUTCAN; Virtual Services Where the principal residence is or was co-owned by CF member's spouse, common-law partner or dependant, reimbursement shall be at 100%. Section I: Contracting authority. CF members who construct a principal residence are entitled to the same benefits related to the purchase of the land and the construction of the home, which would have been reimbursed if a resale home were purchased. CAF PEF (procedure for external feedback): external evaluators evaluate the organisation, give feedback for improving the organisation further and if satisfied, award the label ‘Effective CAF User’. The aim of the CAF is to initiate a continuous improvement process and to create the conditions for efficient and high-quality public services. When on the date that the member finalises the purchase of their new principal residence, their current principal residence has not been sold, and. This is ensured through cooperation within the European CAF network. Municipal fees associated with municipal name change for tax rolls. Virtually all employees are directly affected at one time or another by National Joint Council rates and allowances. Here is a PDF with some great information on the directives that were just announced. Following CAF’s directive, Guinea will now need to find a new venue for their Group E tie against Togo. When the member is renting their current residence, and they. CF members who originally moved into rental accommodation at the new location and subsequently purchase a residence may be entitled to the reimbursement of legal fees for the purchase within the established time limits as per art 8.1.03 (for Regular Force members) or as per art 13.06 (for Reserve Force members). For enquiries, contact us. Should CF members choose to re-occupy this residence on a subsequent posting, the residence would be designated as a principal residence for any further relocation that might occur after re-occupancy. CAF members: a couple important things to know about Relocation Claims • Section 2.9.03 of the CF Integrated Relocation Program (CFIRP) Directive states that me... mbers MUST submit their move claim (TNL/ILM&M) within 90 days of arrival at destination. Interest on a home relocation loan. As a result, there have been significant changes in each individual subcriterion and examples. the seller is required by law to provide a survey. GET IN TOUCH +44 (0)20 7536 0777. [email protected] Français Pre-Registration Secure Website Login If you are a CAF Member with a Posting or Release authorized after Nov 30, 2017, go to to register and manage your relocation. European principles and values: CAF is based on common European principles and values of public management and governance. Directive Office Ltd. 151-161 Tunnel Avenue. One of the major objectives of the CAF Network will be to support public administrations interested in the RRF. could not arrange to courier documents/materials between legal firms; could not complete the sale by a power of attorney; and. The following is an all-inclusive list of eligible capital improvements: Basic Landscaping – other than decorative including the installation of a perimeter fence. The reimbursable amount minus the amount paid under the Core Benefit. Lancaster NX611 ‘Just Jane’ – February 2020 Restoration Update March 18, 2020 Editor Warbird Restorations 0 Avro Lancaster Just Jane, pictured here in her lair in East Kirkby, Lincolnshire, is under restoration to flying condition. The purpose of Sale of Principal Residence benefits are to assist in the disposal of a principal residence. ... — removal of existing café kiosk, — removal and relocation of Spicer Memorial, ... A supplier day will be held on Friday 27 March 2020 between 10.00-12.00 at a central London location. Land survey costs, if CF member's lawyer or notary certifies that: the last survey is more than five years old, there have been observable changes to the lot since the last survey, or. It looks at the organisation from different angles at the same time; a holistic approach to organisation performance analysis. Cost to courier documents between legal firms; Mandatory attending fees as per provincial requirements. Canadian Armed Forces Relocation Program: Modernizing the delivery model of the CAF relocation program Although the benefits remain the same, the delivery of these has been modernized as of December 1 st, 2017. CF members are entitled to reimbursement of the interest on a short-term personal loan or a personal line of credit required solely to pay the minimum deposit on the purchase of a principal residence or a new house construction at the new place of duty. The loan shall not exceed $25,000 per purchase transaction. purchase within the geographical boundaries of the area unless otherwise authorized as per. Nominations for the CAF Hall of Fame, CAF Honour Roll, Dedication to CAF Sports and Outstanding Contribution Awards are to be forwarded NLT Friday 31 July 2020 to: Mrs. Christine Charron CAF Sports Coordinator Canadian Froces Morale and Welfare Services - HQ 4210 Labelle Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0K2 [email protected] The reimbursement of expenses is limited to a lot size of: If additional land is sold or purchased, CF members are entitled to reimbursement only for that portion of costs which would have been reimbursed within the above limitations. Higher appraisal value Name change fee when transferring ownership from builder to purchaser; Survey costs or Title Insurance Premium (both cannot be claimed unless they are deemed necessary to obtain clear title); Appraisal and water test fees incurred at the request of the lender to obtain a first or second mortgage; and. The CAF is a Total Quality Management (TQM) tool which is inspired by the major Total Quality models in general, and by the Excellence Model of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) in particular. The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) is a unique common management tool for self-assessment and performance for public sector organisations. by Daniel Porras 2020 will be a year long remembered by anyone who lived through it, though maybe not for the best reasons. First structural inspection on each residence where an offer to purchase is made (including occupied new homes under warranty); Well, water potability, and septic system inspection (including the pumping when required for the inspection); and. For new construction, when the building agreement describes a payment schedule or advance payments, the interest on those payments is not considered reimbursable. Interest expenses to buy down a mortgage and associated legal fees shall be reimbursed. Vance said that the CAF expects the directive to both aid Canadian civilians as well as its own operational effectiveness, ... Mar 4, 2020. Members are asked to remain patient as some modifications will need to be made to BGRS’s system in order to reflect these changes. When CF members submit an offer to purchase, costs for a structural inspection of the residence shall be reimbursed as follows: Second structural inspection on the same residence and any inspections that are not payable as a core benefit. BGRS is the trusted leader for the design and management of domestic and international relocation and assignment services throughout the world. Relocation directive – effective 16 September 2014 – 18 April 2018 (PDF, 894 KB) Relocation directive – effective 1 September 2012 – 15 September 2014 Organisation 12/11/2020 Commissioner Johansson at European Parliament Child Rights Intergroup Today, Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ylva Johansson, participated in a Webinar organised by the European Parliament Child Rights Intergroup, “Protecting Children’s rights in the new Migration and Asylum Pact”. When the proceeds of the sale of the principal residence are not immediately transferable to the purchase of the replacement residence, CF members will be reimbursed for the interest on a bridge loan or a line of credit and the associated administration fees charged by the financial institution, provided that: When CF members purchase a replacement residence at the new location before selling their principal residence, they will be reimbursed for the interest on a bridge loan or a line of credit and the associated administration fees charged by the financial institution, provided that it does not exceed the lesser of the: When a bridge financing loan cannot be obtained and the principal residence has not sold and it remains actively marketed and unoccupied, CF members may be reimbursed: interest, legal and administrative costs for: Be aware that in order to qualify for reimbursement of this benefit, CF members must use the service provider's third party contractor who has agreed to adhere to CRA reporting requirements. establish a home value for funding purposes; and, the terms of the mortgage or mortgages require MERP to be paid to the mortgage lender; and, at the new place of duty the member either, does not purchase a replacement principal residence, or. CF members are responsible for the expenses associated with one residence. Justification Expenses associated with obtaining clear title to the property are reimbursed as: Additional expenses excluding those related to reimbursements at pre-negotiated corporate rates. Reimbursement shall not exceed the real estate commission that would have been paid had the residence been sold by a licensed real estate agent. If you don't allow cookies, you may not be able to use certain features of the web site including but not limited to: log in, buy products, see personalized content, switch between site cultures. Legal fees necessarily incurred as the result of deed transfer to Land Titles System. The decision to apply for this incentive shall be made within 15 working days after receipt of the appraisal. But modern civilisation has … Created from the cooperation of the EUPAN network, it is considered to be the European quality tool for good governance and excellence in the public sector focusing on digitalisation, agility, sustainability, diversity and innovation. The biggest change, in my opinion, is the home equity assistance benefit. +352 426 230 1 All costs associated with a subsequent purchase will also be reimbursed from core funds. Failed purchase transactionWhen the purchase transaction fails based on the legal conditions of the purchase (i.e., home inspection, financing, etc), expenses above may be reimbursed from core funds. CF members are subsequently posted to a new place of duty within the same geographical boundaries of the area, for a further period of one year or more. When all custom funds have been expended. TDRA offsets expenses associated with dual residency for a period up to six months, such as: Interest charges on a first mortgage (or on a second mortgage if there are no charges on a first mortgage); Utilities (i.e., electricity, heating, alarm monitoring); Property maintenance (such as lawn cutting, snow removal, and minor maintenance); Insurance (house insurance including additional insurance costs for empty residence); and/or. Involvement of employees: the self-assessment process is the basis for the systematic involvement of the staff and continuous improvement of the organisation. This chapter is divided into the following sections. EIPA, together with the CAF network is exploring new links between the CAF and the new Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) published by the European Commission. This section contains all the administrative commonalities and is divided into the following blocks. the new caf rp model, effective 1 dec 17, will provide greater flexibility and increased access to relocation information through web-based technology (off bases/wings into living rooms) ALTHOUGH BASE/WING BGRS REPRESENTATION WILL CEASE 30 NOV 17, THE NEW MODEL WILL CONTINUE TO INCLUDE LIVE VIDEO (VIRTUAL FACE-TO-FACE) INTERACTION AND LIVE CHAT ON THE SECURE WEBSITE. are not eligible to receive benefits under the second bullet of the Core Benefit. CF members may claim benefits in this chapter provided that the closing date of residence sold or purchased is no more than one year before or two years after the: Note: If the CF member is tasked (attach posting, TD) outside the geographical area of the new place of duty and the time limitation has not expired, the time limitation may be extended by the corresponding number of days tasked away from the new place of duty. We aim to be customer-oriented, efficient, effective and result-oriented. “Mortgage Early Repayment Penalty” may also be referred to using different industry terms or expressions such as a “mortgage prepayment penalty”, “mortgage breaking penalty”. FIND US. SE10 0PW. the closing date for the sale is on or after 19 April 2018; and. If you are a terminated employee, overpayments are recovered from first available funds on termination of your employment, as per the Directive on Terms and Conditions of Employment. Professional home staging consultation fee. Canadian Forces Integrated Relocation Program Directive and Clarifications: APS 2009/2015 (effective 16 Sep 2014 to date) APS 2014/2015 (effective 1 Apr 2014 - 15 Sep 2014) APS 2012/2014 (effective 1 Sep 2012 - 31 Mar 2014) Rates and Directories: Travel Directive Meal Rates within Canada and the USA Travel Directive Meal Rates outside North America When securing a mortgage, CF members must make every effort to obtain a portable mortgage. UPDATED APRIL 19th, 2018 – As a military Realtor in Ottawa it’s important to stay current with anything relating to relocations and Brookfield policies. The core of CAF2020 is a questionnaire with 200 examples of self-assessment of public organisations. The required minimum deposit amount must be in accordance with the written contract to purchase and shall not exceed the minimum amount required by the local market. up to four acres (2.47 hectares) where required by zoning laws and city bylaws. Receipts Note: The benefits contained in this Chapter may be amended (limited or enhanced) by specific provisions contained in other chapters in this directive. Legal fees incurred as a result of deed transfer to Land Titles System. As of November 2020, there are 4 160 organisations using the CAF and the model has been included in public administration reform strategies of many EU countries. Heating System – change from hot water radiator to forced gas or upgrade to high efficiency furnace and required ductwork. When the real estate agent recommends and the service provider supports using marketing incentives to sell the property, reasonable expenses are reimbursed. This web site is intended solely for the use of the government employees and suppliers identified herein. This unofficial subreddit is in support of past, present and future members of the Canadian Armed Forces, their families, & the great people of Canada. the sale price is less than the purchase price paid by the member. One would assume that would be u der Chapter 8 Section 2 but there really isn't anything substantial in this regard. The sale of a residence is not considered final until the transfer of ownership occurs. This information is meant as a guide only and does not supersede CRA regulations. Limited capital improvements may be reimbursed in accordance with the table below: = Reimbursable loss (if result is negative). First presented in 2000 as a model for achieving quality in the public sector, it has been revised five times, with the latest being the CAF2020. Start the self-assessment E-tool and access the CAF Resource Centre Database. In addition to the benefits outlined in this chapter, CF members may be entitled to professional cleaning as per art 3.4.04. purchases a replacement principal residence and the transfer of the discharged mortgage to that residence was not permitted. Evidence-based administrative reform: CAF encourages public sector organisations to undertake reforms based on objective information and data. CF members or dependants must have occupied the residence immediately prior to official notification of the posting. The purpose of the Sale and Purchase of Principal Residence is to assist CF members in the sale and the purchase of a principal residence when transferred from one place of duty to another and the residence is within the geographical boundaries of the unit unless otherwise authorized under the section 2.6. This section is divided into the following blocks. A member to whom this Directive applies is entitled to be reimbursed for any financial loss incurred in relation to the sale of their principal residence if: The reimbursable amount is equivalent to the difference between the original purchase price and the sale price minus any reduction in the sale price that is identified in the agreement of purchase of sale and attributable to anything in the principal residence that required repair or replacement. The reimbursable amount minus the amounts paid under the Core and Custom Benefits. (On new home construction excludes initial landscaping which occurs within one year of occupancy when not identified by Building Agreement.). When more than one appraisal is obtained, the funding shall be calculated using an average of the appraised values. CF members and/or their spouse, as required, are authorized to return to their previous place of duty to finalize the sale. October 8, 2020 - Public Notice WCB/OEA Release Final List and Map of Eligible Areas for Auction 904 purchase cost of the replacement residence. When the member sold their principal residence before a posting to a new place of duty where they were prohibited from purchasing a residence, and in relation to the current posting, they use 100% of the equity from that sale for the purchase of their new residence, if this posting immediately follows the posting in respect of which they were prohibited from purchasing a residence. SE10 0PW. incurred during the first year of occupancy of the residence for initial landscaping if those costs were not identified in the Building Agreement. 1114 Luxembourg It’s been just over three months since the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) rolled out its new relocation model and frustrations have been mounting for those members, and their families, who are the first to test out the new system. From the Relocard to booking moves to how the new interface itself works, questions are cropping up on all fronts. or have not received the Real Estate Incentive in relation to the posting from their last principal residence. It has also been implemented and used as a good practice for various countries outside the EU. Despite the definition of purchase price in Section 1.04, in relation to a principal residence that was a new home construction, the purchase price is the sum of the costs: The reimbursable amount will be paid as follows: 80% of the reimbursable amount or $30,000, whichever is less. clearly demonstrated that all other avenues were exhausted. The language has been simplified, shortened and is now more concise. Directive 2014/24/EU. Actual and reasonable expenses associated with maintaining two residences are reimbursed provided that the former residence remains unsold, vacant and actively marketed. CF members are expected to be present at the closing of the purchase or sale transaction. This is being doubled […] The purpose of purchase of replacement residence benefits is to assist in the acquisition of a principal residence. When the member sells their principal residence in relation to their current posting, and they use 100% of the equity from the sale for the purchase of their new residence. Where the principal residence is co-owned by a person or persons who are not the spouse, common-law partner or dependant of the CF member, reimbursement shall be for expenses proportional to the CF members' legal share based on the percentage of ownership as stipulated in the deed except as outlined in art 8.2.05. Original receipts are required for all capital improvements. As such, fees for the preparation of a Power of Attorney are not normally reimbursable. +31 43 32 96 222 Reimbursement of real estate commission is not to exceed the pre-negotiated corporate rates. the appropriate posting authority provides confirmation in writing that CF members should remain at the same place of duty immediately following the original tour of duty for a further period of one year or more, or. Common language: CAF enables leaders and staff to constructively discuss organisational improvements and fosters dialogue and bench learning in the organisation.

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